Episode 22 is the Failure of Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof presentation that I delivered at the 17th Annual NPA Conference held at California State University, Long Beach on 23, June 2010.  It is essentially the “Director’s Cut” of Episode 21, and expands on that material.  It shows that Einstein’s Relativity Theory derivation fails because of the failure in the Spherical Wave Proof.  Specifically, this episode covers the following:

  • Explains why the Spherical Wave Proof is The Essential Proof that established Relativity Theory
  • Shows the failure of Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof as a failure to develop a second sphere
  • Identifies the belief that the proof passes as the result of a “False Positive”, or “Type I Error”
  • Discusses implications of the failure on terms like Length Contraction, Space-Time Curvature, and Time Dilation

Viewers who have watched Episode 21 will find much of the material familiar.

[podcast format=”video”]http://www.relativitychallenge.com/media/RelativityChallenge.com-Episode22.m4v[/podcast]

Download in Windows Media Format

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