Episode 22 is the Failure of Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof presentation that I delivered at the 17th Annual NPA Conference held at California State University, Long Beach on 23, June 2010.  It is essentially the “Director’s Cut” of Episode 21, and expands on that material.  It shows that Einstein’s Relativity Theory derivation fails because of the failure in the Spherical Wave Proof.  Specifically, this episode covers the following:

  • Explains why the Spherical Wave Proof is The Essential Proof that established Relativity Theory
  • Shows the failure of Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof as a failure to develop a second sphere
  • Identifies the belief that the proof passes as the result of a “False Positive”, or “Type I Error”
  • Discusses implications of the failure on terms like Length Contraction, Space-Time Curvature, and Time Dilation

Viewers who have watched Episode 21 will find much of the material familiar.

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Episode 21 – The Failure of Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof

Posted by Steven Bryant On March - 21 - 2010

We have offered many mathematical and conceptual challenges to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In Episode 21, we offer compelling evidence that Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof fails. Without this proof, Einstein cannot establish a relationship between Relativity and the constancy of the speed of light; a cornerstone characteristic of the theory.

This Episode reexamines the key characteristics of a Sphere, and uses those characteristics to show why Einstein’s proof actually fails. The following specific points are covered in this video:

  • A look at Einstein’s Spherical Wave Proof
  • A look at the textual and mathematical requirements of a Sphere
  • Review of Einstein’s work to show that his equations do not satisfy the requirements

In addition to the video, a PDF version of the presentation is available for download.
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Do you want to know what Time Dilation is and why Einstein needed it to make Relativity work? In Episode 19, we explain what things mean.   We’ll talk about the main concepts that are important for each moving system model – Newton, Lorentz, Einstein, and the CICS Model. After watching this episode, you should be able to explain the key concepts of Relativity such as Time Dilation and Length Contraction.  This knowledge is beneficial to both supporters of, and challengers to, Special Relativity.  We will explain why Einstein needed these terms for this theory to make sense and how they are based on an incomplete understanding of Transformations and Wavelength. And we’ll address why our modern understanding of Transformations and Wavelength, as incorporated into the CICS Model, results in a model that is free of Time Dilation and Length Contraction. This video ends with a comparison of the moving system models and where they differ conceptually from one another.

The following specific points are covered in this video

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