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Episode 23 – Introduction to Modern Classical Mechanics

Posted by Steven Bryant On July - 18 - 2011

Modern Classical Mechanics is a new, intuitive, model that yields better than 100 times the accuracy of the Einstein-Lorentz equations in several experiments including Michelson-Morley and Ives-Stillwell!  Because it distinguishes between Length and Wavelength, its theoretical explanations avoid non-intuitive concepts like time dilation, length contraction, and the twin paradox; each of which are required by Relativity theory.
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Revised Model Equations

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 3 - 2009


Given the introduction of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems, we use the example of a bird flying in the cage on the back of a moving truck to create our equations for an Incomplete Coordinate System. In this case we use three birds; one flying from the back to the front and returning to the back, traveling along the X axis, one flying from the left side of the cage to the right and back to the left, traveling along the Y axis, and one flying from the bottom of the cage to the top and back to the bottom, traveling along the Z axis. Each bird is a surrogate for a wave.

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Revised Coordinate System Model

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 2 - 2009

Coordinate Systems

In Einstein’s model, he defines one type of coordinate system. He then applies the postulates and equations to this single type of system. When this coordinate system is moving at velocity v, Einstein concludes that everything within this coordinate system must behave according the same laws of physics.

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