Mistake Identification – Algebraic Method (Easier Method)

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 6 - 2009

Here we summarize Einstein’s Xi derivation as given in his 1905 paper. As illustrated in the following figure, Einstein begins with one math statement and then performs three algebraic substitutions.
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Episode 4 – Introducing Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems

Posted by Steven Bryant On June - 20 - 2007

In Episode 4, I introduce the concept of a Coordinate System along with two specific variants; a Complete Coordinate System and an Incomplete Coordinate System. I explain what these systems are and how they are different from what Einstein proposed in his theory.


Storrs Conference Presentation

Posted by Steven Bryant On June - 4 - 2007

I delivered a presentation at a conference held at the University of Connecticut in May 2007. This presentation is a more polished version of the material covered in Episode #2 of the podcast. It presents, in mathematical terms, the problem in Einstein’s 1905 derivation, points out the root cause, and briefly introduces the Model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems. Two versions are available for download; one as the stand-alone version and a second with audio annotation.

Presentation in PowerPoint Format
Storrs Conference Presentation (video – wmv format)

Episode 2 – Identifying the Problem with SRT

Posted by Steven Bryant On June - 4 - 2007

In episode 2, I take a look at the steps Einstein used to create his equations. Specifically, we look at the rules of math (e.g., algebra) to help identify a problem in Einstein’s derivation. This podcast was originally aired in April 2007.

Presentation in PDF Format