In this Episode, I present Part 1 of a 2 part series that I delivered at this year’s AAAS/NPA conference held at the University of New Mexico. This presentation looks at the impact of bi-directional movement in generating the equations associated with moving systems. It establishes the foundational equations that are used by the leading models (e.g., Einstein, Lorentz, Michelson-Morley) as well as by the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems. This presentation also uses the math associated with an Incomplete Coordinate System to graphically explain key mathematical elements that are found in Einstein’s 1905 paper.

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Episode 13 (Video) – Moving Systems (Part 2)

Posted by Steven Bryant On July - 13 - 2008

In this episode, we look at one of the two types of coordinate systems inherent in the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems; an Incomplete Coordinate System.  Part 2 of the series build upon the material presented in Part 1.
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In Episode 7, we explore the equations behind the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems. First, we revisit the definitions of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems. Then the equations will be presented and derived graphically. In addition to understanding the equations, it will reveal the meaning of the sub-expression vx’/(c^2-v^2) that is given in Einstein’s time (Tau) equation. Please download the accompanying PDF file associated with this episode.

Presentation in PDF Format

Episode 6 – SRT, the CICS model, and the Michelson-Morley Experiment

Posted by Steven Bryant On August - 28 - 2007

In Episode 6, I will answer questions that I received after Episode 5 was aired. We’ll also take a look at the Michelson-Morley experiment. This landmark experiment has been interpreted as returning 0 km/s as the answer, supporting Einstein’s SR theory. In this episode, I’ll explain, on a conceptual level, how to evaluate the Michelson-Morley data to reveal an Earth Orbital Velocity of 30 km/s, removing support for SR and building support for an ether-based model.


Episode 4 – Introducing Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems

Posted by Steven Bryant On June - 20 - 2007

In Episode 4, I introduce the concept of a Coordinate System along with two specific variants; a Complete Coordinate System and an Incomplete Coordinate System. I explain what these systems are and how they are different from what Einstein proposed in his theory.