Mistake Identification – Function Method (Advanced Method)

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 7 - 2009

Identification of the problem in Einstein’s 1905 derivation is best performed using the formal tools and techniques of Computer Science. I have found that this discipline offers a superior method of explaining how functions work and provides a specific notation that makes it easy to view the problem.

Begin by considering the following pseudo-code:
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Episode 17 (Video) – A Look at Einstein’s 1905 Derivation

Posted by Steven Bryant On August - 11 - 2008

In Episode 17, we take an advanced look at Einstein’s derivation of the SRT transformation equations given in Section 3 of his 1905 paper to generate the equations and analyze the problem in creating his Tau equation. In the the past, I have reviewed Einstein’s derivation from an algebraic perspective. While that perspective remains valid, a precise analysis and re-examination requires that Einstein’s derivation be reviewed from a functions perspective. While the material in this Episode will be most comfortable to those with an understanding of namespaces, overloaded variables, and functions, it should be appropriate to all viewers interested in increasing their understanding of Special Relativity.

This video assumes some familiarity with functions, which might be considered an Advanced topic for some viewers/listeners. If you are not familiar with the behavior of functions, I encourage you to first watch Episode 8.

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In Episode 8, we will explore what it means for Tau to be a function and how Einstein’s mistreatment of Tau as an equation has resulted in the math problems contained in his derivation. This episode will explore four areas. First it will explore functions, clearly identifying the proper way of defining and using functions. Second, it will explain some of the pitfalls of mistreating a function as an equation. Third it will explain how Xi and Tau are correctly derived when Tau is treated as a function. And fourth, it will revisit Einstein’s derivation to illustrate how his mistreatment of Tau as an equation results in the math problems previously discussed in Episode 2 and in the Storrs presentation.

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