[Updated 9/5/2009]

These terms are all based on the assumption that Einstein’s mathematical derivation is correct. If we show that his math is wrong, then everything associated with the theory has to be re-examined. These terms are specific to the Special Relativity community and I believe makes it harder for people to understand what is wrong with Special Relativity.  So, my early material was  solely based on mathematical findings that were independent of any meaning attached to the equations or variables.

In Episode 19 of the podcast series, I talk about Time Dilation and Length Contraction as specific artifacts of Special Relativity.  Simultaneity and the Twin Paradox are part of SRT and, like Length Contraction and Time Dilation, result from the mistreatment of Wavelength as a Length rather than as a Rate (see Episode 20).   These artifacts do not apply in the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems, which treats Wavelength as a Rate.

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