What are Numly identifiers and why are you using them?

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 7 - 2009

There is often a delicate balance between sharing your most important findings and keeping them locked up for fear of someone taking them all calling them his own. Many researchers use e-print servers such as arXiv.org as a means to accomplish third-party validation and non-repudiation of their papers. This provides some degree of comfort and protection to the original researcher.

While arXiv.org has been very effective in achieving this goal, it is not easily accessible to everyone. arXiv.org is a semi-closed system that requires several endorsements before an author can upload information into the system. While this filters a lot of poorly written or il conceived papers, it requires that new authors know several arXiv.org members willing to serve as endorsers. This is not always possible.

Numly identifiers is a unique identifier of electronic content and media. These identifiers are coordinated and managed through Numly.com, giving authors the benefits of third-party validation and non-repudiation. Numly identifiers are an effective alternative to arXiv.org and can be used by anyone.

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