Episode 12 (Video) – Moving Systems (Part 1)

Posted by Steven Bryant On July - 13 - 2008

In this episode, we review the concepts behind moving systems as used by the Model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems as well as in Special Relativity Theory.  This four part video series is based on material delivered at this years AAAS/NPA conference held in April at the University of New Mexico.  In Part 1 of the series, I introduce the concepts of a reference (or stationary) coordinate system, a second system (either stationary or moving – most of the times it is thought of as moving), and of an oscillating object.

Download Video in Windows Media Player Format
[podcast format=”video”]http://www.relativitychallenge.com/media/RelativityChallenge.com-Episode12.m4v[/podcast]

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