Episode 15 (Video) – Moving Systems (Part 4)

Posted by Steven Bryant On July - 13 - 2008

In this episode, we look at Special Relativity and how it is related to the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems.  After reviewing this video series, I hope that you are left with a better understanding of my model as well as of Einstein’s theory and how the two are related.  In addition, I hope that you have a better understanding of Einstein’s derivation as well as how one can reasonably conclude the effects of Time Dilation and Length Contraction if you only have one type of coordinate system instead of two.  Lastly, I hope that this material helps you to better understand Einstein’s derivations as given in Sections 2 and 3 of his 1905 paper and in his Relativity book.  Part 4 of the series build upon the material presented in the first three parts.

Corrections:  1)  In the video when I perform the first oscillation, I mention 10 seconds (or 10 on the counter).  I should have said 20, which is consistent with the counter and the rest of my discussion.  I correctly say 20 later in the video.  2)  At about 3:30 into the presentation I mentioned that the “person” is stationary.  I intended to say that the “bus” is stationary.

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