The speed of light is constant, but can vary by coordinate system

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 1 - 2009

In the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems, the behavior of the phenomena is determined by the characteristics of the coordinate systems.

Consider three different types of coordinate system “spaces”;

  1. a vacuum in space,
  2. air around the earth, and
  3. water in the ocean.

Light is generally understood to travel at different velocities in each of these mediums. In this context, the speed of light constant, but varies by medium. A medium does not have to have physical boundary to be considered a Coordinate System. The important fact is that the behavioral characteristics of the medium change.

Thus, it is possible to create Complete Coordinate Systems where the propagation speed of light is tremendously decreased or increased fromĀ c. Current experiments in sub- and super-luminal light may be foundational experiments confirming Complete Coordinate Systems.

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