Length contraction does not occur

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 1 - 2009


In the model of Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems, length contraction does not occur.

Length contraction is the result of incorrectly interpreting the length that the bird flies in the cage (in an Incomplete Coordinate System) with that of the position of the truck. Remember, in Section 3 of Einstein’s 1905 paper, he derives he begins his derivation for the values x’, y, z, and t. After he complete the derivation, he then replaces x’ with x-vt.

In our model, the distance and time associated with the bird in the Incomplete Coordinate System is governed by the equations for one-half the oscillations, where the length of the cage is x’. The truck is governed by the Newtonian equations. We do not confuse the length the bird flies with the position of the truck.

This model differs from Einstein’s in that he does not have equations for one-half oscillations and thus, associates his equations with those of the truck.

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