Do you want to know what Time Dilation is and why Einstein needed it to make Relativity work? In Episode 19, we explain what things mean.   We’ll talk about the main concepts that are important for each moving system model – Newton, Lorentz, Einstein, and the CICS Model. After watching this episode, you should be able to explain the key concepts of Relativity such as Time Dilation and Length Contraction.  This knowledge is beneficial to both supporters of, and challengers to, Special Relativity.  We will explain why Einstein needed these terms for this theory to make sense and how they are based on an incomplete understanding of Transformations and Wavelength. And we’ll address why our modern understanding of Transformations and Wavelength, as incorporated into the CICS Model, results in a model that is free of Time Dilation and Length Contraction. This video ends with a comparison of the moving system models and where they differ conceptually from one another.

The following specific points are covered in this video

  • Explanation of Transformations:  Why you need to consider 3 Transformation types, not just 1 as is currently done by the existing models
  • Explanation of Wavelength and Frequency and why they are different than counting cycles or measuring length
  • Explanation of “what” Newton’s Equations do and where they apply and “what” Lorentz’s Equations do and where they apply
  • Explain how the CICS Model differs from Lorentz and Einstein and why it produces quantitatively better mathematical results

In addition to the video, the accompanying PowerPoint presentation is provided in PDF format.


  • At 11:03, I say “six hundred thousand” when I should have said “six hundred million”
  • At 11:23, I say “300,000,000 meters per second” when I should have said “300,000,000 meters per cycle”
  • At 21:47, I say “… they believe they observed something different” when I should have said “… they believe they observed the same thing”

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