Reexamining Special Relativity

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 7 - 2009

Reexamining Special Relativity: Revealing and correcting SR’s mathematical inconsistency

This is my original paper on Complete and Incomplete Coordinate Systems. It reveals the mistakes in Einstein’s papers as well as offers the corrections to the equations and postulates. It also discusses implications such as the reintroduction of the electro-magnetic ether and the prediction of a Quantum Wave Medium.

Einstein’s Special Relativity transformation equations are the foundation of the modern understanding of space and time. These equations are believed to be mathematically consistent. Here we find that the commonly accepted Special Relativity equations are not mathematically consistent and were created using steps that include subtle, yet significantly important, mathematical errors. Because these findings are mathematical in nature, they can be confirmed independently and are not dependent on any physics terminology associated with Special Relativity. This discovery, and the required correction, has implications on the predictive characteristics of the equations as well as on our theoretical understanding of space and time.


  • Created April 2003
  • Last Revised August 2005
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