A Brute-Force Mathematical Challenge to Special Relativity

Posted by Steven Bryant On February - 7 - 2009


A Brute-Force Mathematical Challenge to Special Relativity


This paper uses real values to illustrate the problem with Einstein’s 1905 derivation of the Xi (or X-axis) transformation equation. It also discusses the root cause of the problem and why it has been an illusive problem to uncover.



Einstein’s 1905 derivation of Special Relativity Theory (SRT) defines four transformation equations that are generally accepted as resulting from mathematically correct derivations. This paper mounts a brute-force challenge to Einstein’s derivation and reveals a mathematical inconsistency in the SRT time transformation equation. Specifically, the brute-force analysis of the ξ (Xi) transformation reveals a specific algebraic problem in its derivation. The difficulty in identifying and communicating this finding is that the problem does not manifest itself in the validity of the ξ equation, but rather in the validity of the τ (Tau) equation. Once the root cause is identified and τ is corrected, the resulting system of equations will require that the theoretical underpinnings of SRT be re-examined.


  • Created: April 2007
  • Last Revised: December 2007
  • Publication Status:  NPA 2007 Conference Proceedings, May 2008

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